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Voodoo Lovecats - Children Shouldn't Play With Deadthings

Hace un par de días un lector del blog me enviaba este disco de una antigua banda australiana de la que nunca había oído hablar, al parecer solamente tienen este EP y un Split con The Sinister
Debo decir que me ha sorprendido gratamente


#Melbourne, Victoria -Australia#

Genre: Horror Rock / Horrorpunk /Glam Punk

Band Members : 1997/98 Line-Up
Vocals: SICBOY, L.Guitar: RUIN, Drums: CREEP, R.Guitar: CHAOS, Bass: E.MAN
Influences : The Misfits, New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, Hanoi Rocks, Social Distortion, Faster Pussycat, The Glamour Punks...and everything in between...Sounds Like : Trashy-glam-punk-horror-rock

The VOODOO LOVECATS originally formed back in 1994, threw out a few demos, smashed a few stages, then launched their debut CD Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (Horror Show Records) in 1997. The band followed up with a split CD El Noche De El Siniestro Vudu (Horror Show Records) in 1998 and toured extensively (supporting international bands like The Misfits in '97, Suicidal Tendencies, Face to Face...) around Australia. A few lineup changes in 1998 caused the band to take a "break", which turned into a longer-than-expected hiatus. Sicboy (vocals), Ruin (lead guitar), and Creep (drums) have rehearsed and are working towards recording some classic VLC tunes (that never made it into the studio) for their fans...

# "Mega-hyped glam rockers of the most full-on kind, The Voodoo Lovecats, lived up to their reputation when they absolutely smashed the Richmond Tavern (Victoria) attendance record for their first official live performance..." -- HM Magazine, Issue 77, July 1995
# "...they are a fantastic ROCK unit, the kind that actually gets you excited about things again, then the joke's all on you. Maybe I'll eat my words on all of this...but for now, at this moment in time, the Voodoo Lovecats are the best thing I've seen in a dog's age..." -- Year Zero/Resistant Harmony Review, 1995
# "Most Aussie bands would give an arm or leg to appear on the ABC's influential Saturday morning rock show Recovery, but not the Voodoo Lovecats," (the band knocked back the invite because they were expected to only play cover songs) " of the best and brightest acts playing the circuit." -- Cats Spurn Recovery, by Paul Stewart, Herald Sun 1997
# "No matter where you get off musically, at the core of your lust is a killer chorus. But writing one of these beauties is a double-edged sword. You can either go the way of puerile infamy ala Spice Girls, or you can hit the spot with style like Melbourne's Voodoo Lovecats. The pinnacle moment from their eight-track Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things release comes during That's What I Believe when the chorus belts in with a sing-along feel that's infectious, melodic, and joyous." -- by Geoff Nicholson, Loudmouth Magazine, Issue 3, 1997/98
Album: Children Shouldn't Play With Deadthings
Year: 1997
Quality: mp3 -160kbps
Covers: No
1. Dance of the Fishhog
2. That's What I Believe
3. Killed Her in St. Kilda
4. Give It to Me
5. Stop the Rot
6. Knife or Gun
7. Death in St Kilda remixed by Dog Machine
8. I Killed Her in St Kilda opiate mix
This cd-ep from Aussie punks VOODOO LOVECATS didn't sound the way I expected. I've been following this band for the last couple of years, I really liked their previous demos "Desperate + Dateless" and "Punk & Disorder". VOODOO LOVECATS represented great glampunk with an outrageous glamimage. When I saw the new photo of the band I realized that something had changed, VOODOO LOVECATS still looked outrageous but more punk than glam. When I listened to the promotape of "Children shouldn't play with dead things" I heard that the music had followed the same path, towards punk with touches of industry. I usually hate this kind of progression but VOODOO LOVECATS still are a great band and their new songs is actually better than their old eventhough the genre is less appealing, to these ears.

"Dance of the fishhogs" is a suitable intro, with some bombastic guitars! The following two songs "That's what I believe" and "Killed her in St. Kilda", is actually close to the sound of their glampunk days. Great sing-along melodies served with the raw energy of punk.

"Give it to me", "Stop the rot" and "Knife or gun" are more classic punk, similiar to SEX PISTOLS and others. The ep also contains two bonustracks

Voodoo Lovecats - Thats What I Believe

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