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BLITZKID #Bluefield, Virginia#

Genre: Horrorpunk

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Band Members TB Monstrosity-Lead and rhythm guitars/lead and backup vokills
Argyle Goolsby-Bass guitars/Lead and backup vokills
J-Sin Trioxin-Rhythm Guitars/backup vokills
Jesco Devilanse-Drums and backing vokills
Influences Bad Religion, AFI, Face To Face, Green Day, Misfits, Samhain, the Damned, TSOL, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Ramones to name VERY few....
Sounds Like melodic punk/hardcore, doowop, rockabilly, goth, thrash, blues, and ska

Blitzkid began in the winter of 1997 in Bluefield, VA. At that time, the band consisted of TB Monstrosity on guitars, vokills, and bass, and Wolfgang Christopher on drums. After recording a 10 song demo just for fun titled Songs For the Aesthetically Challenged the twosome enlisted the help of Dr. Stuart Evilstein on bass. Shortly after, Wolfgang left the band and Evilstein picked up the skinbashing duties. By the fall of 1998, the band was a trio once again with the help of longtime friend Argyle Goolsby handling the bass duties.

Songwriting, rehearsing, and gigs followed, and in May of 1999, they recorded the 7-song Revisited EP. This particular release showcased a more hookladen "horror rock" approach that the band had already hinted at. The recording also showcased some of the band’s most popular material to date in the songs Nadine, the original recording of Slaugher At the Sock Hop, and Hate You Better. By the winter of 1999, Blitzkid entered Lively Sound Studios in Lewisburg, WV to record the 13 song full length Terrifying Tales album.

At that time, the band had become a full blown horror punk/metal band taking cues from a variety of influences such as The Misfits, The Ramones, Slayer, Type O Negative, Samhain, The Cramps, Sisters of Mercy, and Bauhaus just to name a few. Extensive gigs soon followed in their hometown as well as North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky. . After longtime drummer and good friend Dr. Stuart Evilstein left the band in May 2001, (to work with the industrial goth band ARBUS) they found Billy Bones in Saltville, VA to fill the vacant spot.

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The newly revamped creeprock trio quickly began work at Real 2 Reel studios in Blacksburg, VA in the summer of 2001 for the 12 track Let Flowers Die album. Let Flowers Die was unleashed upon unsuspecting fiends December 29th, 2001. In 2002, Blitzkid found a record label to call home in Denver, CO's @ntidote Records. The label re-released the Let Flowers Die album as well as the band's new record for 2003, Trace of A Stranger. In December of 2003, Fiend Force Records(from Germany) also began working with the band and placed a track by them on their debut compilation album "This Is Horrorpunk", followed by the Euro release of Trace of a Stranger on cd/lp and the official release of the Blitzkid/Mister Monster split EP "Exhuming Graves and Making Dates".

After extensive touring to promote both releases and garnering attention from all over the world, Billy Bones and new rhythm guitarist Gilby Deviant left the band in March of 2004. Blitzkid then gained new rhythm guitarist J-Sin Trioxin of Mister Monster fame as well as ex Reagans drummer Rhea M, and continued getting favorable press for the Trace of A Stranger and EGMD split. Currently, Blitzkid just completed their first tour of Germany with People Like You's the Spook for two weeks on the "Everyday is Halloween" tour put together by Fiend Force Records. Look for them to be recording sometime in early 2005 along with the band relocating to the Los Angeles area shortly thereafter. Thank you to all of the Corpse Corps for over 7 years of support, this black blood bleeds for all of you. LONG LIVE THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Blitzkid - Terrifying Tales -2000

1) Invoke the Beast / Attack of the Ghoulies
2) The Hills Have Eyes
3) Pretty In A Casket
4) My Dying Bride
5) Salem's Ghost
6) En Infinitus Sleepus (Lullaby)
7) The Howling
8) My Bloody Valentine
9) Diabolos Rising
10) Evil Hand
11) Slayera
12) The Creature Walks Among Us
13) Teenage Necrophilian Love
ed2k Link :Blitzkid.-.Terrifying.Tales(192k+covers)By.eXe.eXe(
Direct Download : Down

Holy crap! This disc was only recorded seven months after "Revisited", but the band has improved beyond what should be humanly possible. After hearing "Let Flowers Die" and now this disc, it is official. I now swing from Blitzkid's nut sack like some teenage fan. They are hands down, the best active Horror Punk band on the planet. If you think otherwise, then you're probably a little touched in the head, or just an idiot. If you think you know a better band out there, well then let me know, I would sure as hell want to here 'em. Now, let's drill down a bit. First off, let me tell you that some discs I get for review are just painful to listen to, but I do it anyway, 'cause I gotta review 'em, so I force myself to sit through almost everything a minimum of two times. So, in the short time I've had this Blitzkid disc (just over a week) I must have played it right through at least 25 times! That alone should tell you how good this disc is. Now the songs themselves, holy shit are they infectious. The one that just absolutely blows me away is "Pretty In A Casket". This song is a perfect Horror Punk masterpiece... so simple, but so good. It puts the Misfits and Graves to shame. Even after days of not listening to this disc, and playing many others in between, this is still the tune that's runnin' around my head. Pickin' out other stand out tracks would be a waste of time, as I would just be listing the whole CD. If you haven't figured it out yet, I recommend this release.
RATING = 9.5 Horror-Punk (Released 2000)


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Blitzkid - Let Flowers Die -2001

1) Nosferatu
2) Candyman
3) Hellraiser
4) These Walls
5) The Pumpkinpatch Murders
6) Reanimated
7) The Fog
8) Dying Day
9) Among The Dead
10) Myers 10/31
11) Motel Hell
12) Motorized Homicide

ed2k Link : Blitzkid.-.Let.Flowers.Die(192k)By.eXe.eXe(
Direct Download : Down

I think it is safe to say that the students have surpassed the teacher. Blitzkid play Horror-Punk like they invented the creepy little sub genera, bit in reality, that honour goes to the Misfits. Even though the band incorporates influences from other realms of punk, it is obvious that the main inspiration here is Danzig, and the 'fits. This is the bands 3rd release, the others being 2000's "Terrifying Tales", and 1999's "Revisited". "Let flowers Die" has a few tracks that feature blistering speed, and super fast vocals, that come at you like a machine gun. These couple songs are fun, but they are not what makes this CD so damn good, it's the other tunes, which thankfully make up the most part of the disc, these tunes are more melodic, and catchy, and they almost sound as if Danzig was singing later day, "Graves" era, Misfits stuff. The second track, "Candyman" would be a sing-along crowd favourite for the Misfits, if only they had written it. Other jaw-droppingly good tunes include "Pumpkin Patch Murders", The Fog", and "Myers 10/31". With bands like this around, it might be time for Mr. Only and his revolving line up of fill-ins, to put the Misfits to bed. I way rather go see a young band like this, who are so hungry, and "in the zone", than go watch the slow, agonising death of a once great institution. The 'fits are over, love live Blitzkid! For more info on this ass kicking band, go to their web page.
RATING = 9 Horror-Punk (Released 2001)


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Blitzkid - Trace of A Stranger -2003

1. Let's Go To The Cemetery
2. Deadhouse
3. They Come
4. Lupen Tooth
5. Hopeless Night, A
6. She Dominates
7. Dead Again
8. Long Dark Hallway
9. Making A Monster
10. She Wolf
11. As The Rope Bridge Sways
12. Love Like Blood

ed2k Link : Blitzkid - Trace Of A Stranger 2004-192 Kbps-Al00nz.rar
Direct Download : Down

I just love this cover, a striking image of a crazed looking Lon Chaney Jr. from the lost 1927 horror movie classic, "London After Midnight"! Very cool, it sets the tone nicely for the Horror-Punk feast awaiting the listener within this digipack. It's pretty obvious, to anyone that has read my previous reviews for this band, that I absolutely fuckin' love these guys. I've been pimpin' them to anyone that'll listen too me for a couple years now. So I was a little worried when I had heard through the old web-based grapevine that the band had changed their sound on this latest offering. When I finally got my bony old hands on this sucker, all fears were quickly laid to rest. I can see what people were trying to get at, the sound has changed, but just in a very very subtle way. I think the difference, is that the band is now more relaxed, and confident in what they're doing. With three previous releases under their collective belts, and numerous live shows, the band has managed to build up a small, yet loyal fan base. So when it came to recording this new disc, I think that the band's newfound confidence spilt over into both the writing and the recording process. Which gave them the balls to do some minor experimentation, while bringing a new level of maturity to the CD as a whole. Or maybe they just pulled these 13 songs out of their assess during some drunken weekend, what the fuck do I know? Well, what I do know, is that this CD is yet again, a killer piece of work, guaranteed to please old fans of the band, and garner them some new ones. Influences are worn proudly on their sleeves, as one can hear bits and pieces of both Glenn and Graves era Misfits, Danzig, the Damned, and a multitude of other cool Punk and classic Rock bands. All these various parts are stitched together like a sonic version of Frankenstein's monster, and it has now been let loose to wreak havoc in our world. Again, like previous efforts, listing some standout tracks would be pointless, as I would just be typing out the whole track listing, so instead, I'll tell ya what makes some of theses ditties special. The disc opens up with the rousing "Let's Go To The Cemetary", which features an amusing Ska interlude. I can only assume that maybe they've been hanging out with the boys from the Independents at some point in the last year or so. Next we have the magnificent "Deadhouse", which is a top contender for best song, it sounds exactly like the Damned, so much so, that it could have easily been from the "Grave Disorder" recording sessions. Another in the best song running is "She Dominates", a classic sounding Blitzkid number reminiscent of "Pretty In A Casket" from the "Tales" CD. On "A Hopeless Night" and "As The Rope Bridge Sways" we can hear a strong 50's influence. "Dead Again" has a kind of Jazzy Psychobilly thing going on, which is pretty cool. "She Wolf" sounds like classic, later Glenn era Misfits, and "Love Like Blood" starts off by letting us think we're going to get Horror-Punk's answer to Guns N Roses "Don't Cry" before boiling over into the now classic mosh-inducing Blitzkid beats we know and love. As they say, "all killer, no filler". I just can't stop playing this thing, and you won't be able to either. One of the top 10 discs of 2003.
RATING = 9 Horror-Punk (Released 2003)


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Blitzkid - Five Cellars Below -2006


1. Black Mountain Backstep
2. A Blind Bargain
3. Dementia
4. Starlite Decay
5. Mary And The Storm
6. Midnight Mile
7. Lady In The Lake
8. Terror (In The Haunted House)
9. Genus Unknown
10. Demon Machine
11. Torn Prince
12. The Trunk
13. Bloodletting
14. Carve Out A Heart
15. Vanishing Riders
16. hidden track: Five Cellars Down

ed2k Link : Blitzkid.-.Five.Cellars.Below.(Retail).2006-Al00nz.rar

One word is all that is needed to describe Blitzkid’s album, “”Five Cellars Below” - impressive. This is one of the best horror punk CDs I’ve ever heard, bar none!

Yes, I know I said the same thing about the latest releases from Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space and Rezurex, but Fiendforce Records just keeps releasing great albums by great bands (so far, I’ve reviewed three releases, and they’ve all been stellar)!
Blitzkid’s latest is easily the most mainstream accessible, which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. “Five Cellars Below” isn’t just great horror punk, it’s just good punk rock plain and simple. It isn’t derivative, the musicianship is top notch, and the vocals are excellent.
The lyrics avoid the cheesiness of other horror punk bands, and there are even a couple slower songs that I could easily hear on a top 40 radio station (“Mary And The Storm”, “Lady In The Lake”).
I also have to admit that I can imagine the song “Demon Machine” blasting from the speakers of muscle cars while they tear down the road. My personal favorite is “Starlite Decay”.
I highly recommend Blitzkid’s “Five Cellars Below”!


Free mp3:
Videos (To view):

Love Like Blood (Live from Hamburg, Germany)
She Wolf
Starlite Decay
My Dying Bride
Love Like Blood*
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