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Genre: Psychobilly Old School

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The British Demented Are Go make Old School Psychobilly of the good one! (totally 80's) One of the few groups of then that continue demonstrating that they stay in very good form! Everything classic a necessary one to see for lovers of the punk, rock&roll, the terror and like not of psycho

Live At The Galaxy -2003

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Sickness Of Truth
Holy Hack Jack
One Sharp Knife
Queen Of Disease
Brand New Corpse
Reptile Queen
Blood Beach
Zombie Stalk
PVC Chair
Red River Bloody Staircase
Don't Send Me No Flowers
Love Seeps Like A Festering Sore
Pervy In The Park

Demented Are Go - Live At The Galaxy (UK).zip

I Wanna See You Bleed, Hell Razer EP -2000

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Transexual Lesbian
I Wanna See You Bleed
Red River, Bloody Staircase
Sickness of Truth
The Chase
Who Put Grandma Under the Stairs?

FULL ALBUM - Psychobilly - Demented Are Go - I Wanna See You Bleed.rar

(existe otra version del disco con 20 pistas con directos y caras Bs que no ronda por la mula)
(another version of the disc with 20 expensive direct tracks with and Bs exists that does not make the rounds by the mule)

Demented Are Go - Daddy's Making Monsters -1999

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A - Daddies Makin' Monsters
B - Blood Beach
C - Dead After Midnight

Single de su disco Hellufernation en el que uno de los temas va incluido, sin embargo los otros dos son ineditos

Demented Are Go - Daddy's Making Monsters(128k+Covers)By eXe.eXe(

Hellucifernation -1999 @ 128 kbps

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I Wanna Be Your Slave
Stake In The Heart
Daddies Makin' Monsters
Can't Sleep At Night
Reptile Queen
Don't Send Me No Flowers
I Wanna Kill
Strangler In Paradise
What's The Problem
Body Bag
High Heels
Hell Spawn
Red Light Fever
Funnel Of Love
Dead After Midnight

Demented Are Go - Hellucifernation [128kbps].ace

Satans Rejects (The very best of) -1999 @ 192 kbps

Compilation Disc

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Satan's Rejects
Rubber Love
Cripple In The Woods
Pervy In The Park
Holy Hack Jack
Rubber Buccaneer
Frenzied Beat
Human Slug
Call of the Wired
Surf Ride to Oblivion
Sick Spasmoid
Be Bop A Lula
One Sharp Knife
Skitzoid Brain
Rubber Plimsoles
Move It

Psychobilly - Demented Are Go - Satans Rejects [Full Album].ace

Demented Are Go - Tangenital Madness (On A Pleasant Side Of Hell)

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Brand New Corpse
Gambling Queen
Dream Space Baby
Zombie Stalk
Queen Of Disease
Where You Gonna Go
Fairies At The Bottom Of My Garden
Aces High
Thrill Killers
Up From The Skies
Got Good Lovin'
The Chase

Another great Iestyn Poulson production. You know what to expect from Demented Are Go - depraved, twisted lyrics and music with Sparky's unique voice.... Many try to imitate, but few even get close...

Demented Are Go - Tangenital Madness (On A Pleasant Side Of Hell)(128k+Covers)By eXe.eXe(

The best of Dementes Are Go -1993

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Demented Are Go - The Best Of Demented Are Go - By Chemul.ace

Orgasmic Nightmare -1991

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Orgasmic Nightmare
Beast In The Cellar
House Of Blood
Now She's Dead
Clitoris Bite Boogie
Love Is Like Electrocution
One Sharp Knife
Who Put Grandma Under The Stairs?
Love Seeps Like A Festering Sore
Anal Wonderland
Demon Angel
Straight Jacket

FULL ALBUM - Psychobilly - Demented Are Go - Orgasmic

'The Day The Earth Spat Blood' + 'Go Go Demented' -1989

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01 - Country woman
02 - Brain damaged chile
03 - One sharpe knife
04 - Flight 103
05 - Termite man
06 - Skitzoid brain
07 - Life's a bitch
08 - Now she's dead

09 - Rubber bucaneer
10 - Rubber plimsoles
11 - Satan's rejects
12 - Shadow crypt
13 - Old black joe
14 - Country Woman
15 - Call of the wired
16 - Frenzied beat
17 - Move it
18 - Vibrate

Psychobilly - Demented Are Go - The Day The Earth Spat Blood & Go Go Demented - By Chemule.ace

Kicked Out Of Hell -1988

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Satans Rejects
Human Slug
Cripple In The Woods
Cast Iron Arm
Call Of The Wired
Rubber Plimsoles
Shadow Crypt
Surf Ride To Oblivion
Old Black Joe
Sick Spasmoid
Jet Tone Boogie

FULL ALBUM - Psychobilly - Demented Are Go - Kicked out of Hell.rar

In Sickness And In Health -1986

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Be Bop A Lula
Pervy In The Park
(I Was Born On A) Busted Hymen
Holy Hack Jack
Frenzied Beat
Pickled And Preserved
Crazy Horses
Transvestite Blues
Rubber Buccaneer
Rubber Love
Nuke Mutants
Pvc Chair
Don't Go In The Woods

Psychobilly Full Album - Demented Are Go ! In Sickness And In Health.rar

Who Put Gandma Under The Stairs

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01 Love seeps like a festering sore
02 Zombie stalk
03 Queen of disease
04 One sharp knife
05 Mongoloid
06 Where you gonna go
07 Call of the wired
08 Pervy in the park
09 PVC chair
10 Cast iron arm
11 Holy Hack Jack
12 Country woman
13 Anal wonderland
14 Clitoris bite Boogie
15 Red river, bloody staircase
16 Brand new corpse
17 Who put grandma under the stairs
18 Be bop a lula
19 Human slug
20 Nightlife
21 The chase
22 Got good lovin'
23 House of blood
24 Satan's rejects

Demented Are Go - Who_put_gandma_under_the_stairs_full_album.ace


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Tracklist not this ordered good absolutely user posted imageEl tracklist no esta ordenado bien del todo

3. Demented Are Go! - Transvestite Blues
7. Demented Are Go! - I Wanna Kill
12. Demented Are Go! - Hell spawn
1. Demented Are Go! - Vibrate
2. Demented Are Go! - Frenzied Beat
3. Demented Are Go! - Shadow Crypt
4. Demented Are Go! - Brain Damaged Chile
5. Demented Are Go! - Red light fever
6. Demented Are Go! - Body Bag
7. Demented Are Go! - What's the Problem
8. Demented Are Go! - Don't Send Me No Flowers
9. Demented Are Go! - Reptile Queen
10. Demented Are Go! - I Wanna Be Your Slave
11. Demented Are Go! - Transexual lesbian
12. Demented Are Go! - Thrill Killers
13. Demented Are Go! - Surf Ride To Oblivion
14. Demented Are Go! - Rubber Rock
15. Demented Are Go! - Rubber Buccaneer
16. Demented Are Go! - Red River, Bloody Staircase (Live)
17. Demented Are Go! - Psychomania
18. Demented Are Go! - Pickled And Preserved
19. Demented Are Go! - Orgasmic Nightmare
20. Demented Are Go! - love seeps like a festering sore
21. Demented Are Go! - Love Is Like Electrocution
22. Demented Are Go! - Gambling Queen
23. Demented Are Go! - don't go into the woods
24. Demented Are Go! - Demon Angel
25. Demented Are Go! - Cripple In The Woods
26. Demented Are Go! - Crazy Horses
27. Demented Are Go! - Beast In The Cellar

Demented Are Go - Psychobilly Mp3 - Chaos -.ace


Music Video - Psychobilly - Demented Are Go ! - Called of the Wired - DVDRIP XVID 592 X 448 by Psycho Vince.avi
Demented Are Go ! - Sick! Sick! Sick ! DVDRIP XVID 640 X 480 by Psycho Vince.avi
-Psychobilly - Demented Are Go - Pervy In The Park (live)-teddy.mpg
Demented Are Go - Cast Iron Arm.mpg

Demented Are Go!
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