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Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space


Genre: Horrorpunk

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Band Members: Dead Gein: Stand-up drums & vocals
Mr. Evilize: guitar
Dr. Schreck: bass
Revernd Bloodbath: keyboard & electronics

Influences: Mad Sin, Dario Argento, Misfits, Lucio Fulci, Alien Sex Fiend, Richard Ramirez, Alice Cooper, Jeffrey Dahmer, The Damned, George A. Romero, Peter Kürten, Gwar, Ted Bundy, Tobe Hooper, Demented are Go, Jack Unterweger, The Cramps, Terence Fischer....

About Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space
At the beginning of the 18th century, the priest Paul Praetorius Pachelbl was thrown on the pyre by a furious mob - after the spiritual had massacred the total Thomaner boy’s choir. However at the last moment, he was abducted by extraterrestrial pirates, which made him their slave. Many years later Pachelbl was freed from his life of slavery by Mr. Evilize, a brutal and most fearsome space pirate. Evilise took him to his home planet, the planet Transylvania. . Transylvania is the root of all evil, a place of frightening and endless torment – this state of mind is fitting to all that dwell on this planet. From here Mr.Evilise roves his territories as he has for centuries as a sort of lawless tramp always on the search for blood and prey but until now always alone. That has changed and Mr. Evilize has found his only real ally in Pachelbl, who he has dubbed "The Reverend Bloodbath" One day whilst searching for interplanetary signals they inadvertently received a short signal from Earth- its contents a documentation over the US American serial killer Edward Theodor Gein. Deep within Reverend Bloodbath, a small seed of hope began to germinate that the earth had finally made a pact with evil. Both men started to research with haste for any information about this planet - unfortunately they got the wrong information from the interplanetary library and instead they were handed a list of films banned on the Earth for their extremely violent content. Equipped with these very incorrect impressions, both men flew to the earth in order to find Ed Gein and form an allegiance of terror. To their deepest regrets, they were too late. Gein had lost his long battle against cancer in 1984. They began to search for a possibility to re-animate Mr.Geins long dead corpse. Evilize remembered a story he had heard many years ago. It was the strange story of a crazy man named Dr. Miroslav Schreck. Evilise remembered hearing that Schreck had developed an Elixir to the acquisition of the immortality itself – it was successful but it had a small side-effect. Finally they decided to find the physician in his Swiss retreat and try to persuade him to participate in their evil plan. The Dr. was a walk over and keen to begin. The serial killers corpse was in a very advanced state of decay and due to his optical appearance he was given the fitting name "Dead Gein". The earthly reality made it clear that Mr. Evilize and The Reverend Bloodbath had made a mistake and the planet was quite stable, no terror and anarchy to be found. Disappointed they concluded that in the autumn of 2002 they would take revenge on the inhabitants of this peaceful planet and stampede over its surface with their evil spouting Rock´n´roll music. The Bloodsucking Zombies from outer Space emerged.

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Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - See You At Disneyland -2004

Attack from Planet Transilvania
Space Invaders
Moonlight Sonata
Teardrops In Hell
Die Earthling Die
King Of The Cannibals
Nightmare in a damaged Brain
Monsters in the Closet
Frankenstein created Women
Horray the Darkness
In the Morgue of Lucy Sanders
C#minor: the Suicide Waltz
Horrormovie Fan
Eaters of the Dead
Abra Cadaver
Who will survive?

ed2k Link: Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - See You At Disneyland-(2004 Vbr).ace
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Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - A Night At Grand Guignol -2005

1. A Night At Grand Guignol
2. The Mummy's Shroud
3. Reign of Devils
4. Bucket of Blood
5. Pigblood-Blues
6. Princess Paranoia
7. Chopping Mall
8. A Deeper Shade of Red
9. Shocktoberfest
10. Dracula's Cadilac
11. If It Bleeds It's Good
12. A. H. C. L.
13. The Most Beautiful Corpse
14. Dead By Dawn
15. Me, Myself, and The Beast Within'
16. Trash Ballerina
17. Wizard of Gore

ed2k Link: Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - A Night At Grand Guignol (2005).rar


A Night At Grand Guignol es el segundo cd de los alemanes Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space. Está a la altura de su imprescindible e impresionante primer cd, See You At Disneyland. Vuelven a demostrar que saben mezclar como nadie el Horror Punk y el Psychobilly. En una misma canción pasan de un estilo a otro con tanta naturalidad como el que pasa de lado a lado un caramelo en la boca. Melodías siniestras y estribillos ultrapegadizos será lo que nos encontremos en los 17 temazos que componen el cd, además de trabajados coros que piden a gritos que vayamos a sus conciertos. Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space es punk, psychobilly y películas de terror.
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