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Fabulous Disaster

Fabulous Disaster

Band Members :
Vox - Lynda Mandolyn
Guitar / Vox - Squeaky
Drums - Sally Disaster
Bass - Lizzie Boredom

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The all female San Francisco sensation

Fabulous Disaster formed in 1998 out of San Francisco, and like their music, the band worked fast and furious and quickly released their debut album "Pretty Killers" in 1999. But it was the release of their sophomore album "Put Out or Get out" in 2001, with the incredible riffs and melodies you hear on hyper-speed fan favorites such as "Gia" and "Down The Drain" that put this foursome into a league of their own. Touring heavily in the US and Europe, the band quickly earned their own legion of fans while appearing with major acts such as NOFX, The Ataris, The Dickies, and Mad Caddies, to name just a few.
In 2003 Fab D released "Panty Raid", which earned them additional respect as one of the foremost bands in their genre. Described by some as an intriguing mixture of the Go-Go's, Joan Jett and Sleater Kinney, one thing was certain - Fabulous Disaster was creating their own delightful niche within the realm of rock & roll.
In 2004 Fab D recruited the talented guitarist Squeaky from Girlush Figure, bringing a new element of explosive stage presence and spice to their music. An accomplished songwriter Squeaky quickly found her soul mates in Mandolyn and Gess as evident by their "I'm A Mess" release- a six pack shot of an EP that showcased the trio's amazing chemistry fueled by wonderful songwriting as evident in the title track.
With the recent addition of bass player Lizzie Boredom to the fold, and great new songs like "Such A Stupid Girl" waiting in the wings, the fab four is now once again complete and ready to kick ass in a town near you.

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Fabulous Disaster - Put Out Or Get Out -2001

1 Down The Drain
2 Minimize My Faith
3 Gia
4 My Static
5 Red Blister
6 Spoiled
7 Magnet
8 Insane Today
9 Crush
10 Sneak Attack
11 No, No Way
12 Rich Bitches In Volvos
13 April Fools

ed2k Link: Fabulous Disaster - Put Out Or Get Out[].rar

A drum roll please! The second band to find a home on Pink & Black records is San Francisco’s very own Fabulous Disaster! Imagine sweet harmonies slipping effortlessly into torn, fishnet stockings of punk. Super tight and super catchy!

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Fabulous Disaster - Panty Raid! -2003

1 Next Big Joyride
3 Collide
4 My Addiction
5 Painkillher
6 Nightliner
7 Bi Polar
8 Short Fuse
9 Mikey L
10 Don't Wanna Sleep
11 You Bring Me Down
12 Hey Girl
13 Yesterday's Gone
14 The Other Day

ed2k Link: Fabulous Disaster - Panty Raid.rar

The second full-length slumber party from San Francisco's vixen-rock wild-ones FABULOUS DISASTER. Fourteen tracks of ball-kicking rock'n'roll, ripped raw, gritty and nasty with infectious hooks and searing melodies. Produced by FAT MIKE and ALEX NEWPORT (The Pattern, At The Drive-In, Mars Volta, Melvins).

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Fabulous Disaster - I'm A Mess -2004

1 Suck It Up
2 Viva La Prozac
3 I'm A Mess
4 Black Eye
5 Dead End
6 Got The Time

ed2k Link: fabulous_disaster_-_i'm_a_mess_[EP_2004]_by.Fat_tom69[].rar

Six new songs from San Frans' finest all girl punk band! Possibly some of the bands most aggressive material to date, but fitting for this one time release on Rodent Popsicle! This will be available on a limited edition 7" picture disc! look for thier new full lenght on Fat coming soon!
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