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SAMHAIN #United States#

Genre: Horrorpunk

Band Members :
* Glenn Danzig: Founding member. Vocals/guitar/keyboards/drums, also sole songwriter and lyricist. Also a member of Danzig.
* Brian Baker Founding member, formerly of Minor Threat. Played only in rehearsals, but was meant to be a permanent member. Left because he didn't feel his playing was cohesive with the other members.
* Lyle Preslar: Founding member, formerly of Minor Threat. Guitar on four tracks on Initium only.
* Al Pike: Played bass on Initium's "Archangel".
* Steve Zing: Founding member. Drums on Initium and Unholy Passion, also held Drum and Bass duties for the 1999 tour.
* Eerie Von: Bass, backing vocals. Also a member of Danzig.
* Damien: Guitar on Unholy Passion and November-Coming-Fire.
* London May: Drums on November-Coming-Fire and held drum and bass duties for the 1999 tour.
* Todd Youth: Guitar on the 1999 tour only, also played on the related Son Of Sam side project with Davey Havok, Steve Zing and London May.
* John Christ: Guitar on side one of Final Descent and the mostly unreleased Samhain Grim sessions. Also played in Danzig.
* Chuck Biscuits: Never actually a member of Samhain, although he played drums on "Death...In Its Arms" from Final Descent. Also a member of Danzig

Biography (from Wikipedia)
Samhain was a Horror punk band formed by Glenn Danzig in 1983 as The Misfits were in major turmoil and close to disbanding. Danzig originally planned Samhain as a side project, but after the demise of The Misfits in October of 1983, it became his full-time band. Samhain is the lesser known of Glenn Danzig's musical outlets and catalogs the transitional period of his musical career, bridging the gap between the punk thrashing of The Misfits, and the dark, heavy metal sound of Danzig.

Glenn took the name of the band from Samhain, the ancient Celtic New Year, which influenced the modern Halloween. Samhain is pronounced "sow-win" (which is the pronunciation that Glenn uses in songs), although the band name is often pronounced "Sam-Hane" for the sake of simplicity.

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Samhain was much darker than The Misfits, with lyrics rooted in the occult and eventually the horrors of reality, as opposed to the sometimes cartoonish ghouls and ghosts of The Misfits. Samhain's musical style was a dark, gritty, and experimental combination of punk, gothic rock, and on the last album, heavy metal.

Samhain released two full-length albums and one EP during their three year career as an active band. Some criticized their first album for being merely the Misfits slowed down, but Samhain demonstrated noticeably superior musicianship. The fact that Samhain re-recorded a few Misfits songs cemented the idea in some peoples' minds that Danzig couldn't move past his work with the Misfits. However, as their career progressed, they evolved into their own unique style of lo-fi gothic-doom and gained a cult following that surpassed the modest fanbase The Misfits had while they were active.

As a footnote, Glenn wrote the songs "Bloodfeast" and "Death Comes Ripping" with intentions of using them on the first Samhain album, but they ended up on The Misfits Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood album as part of a last ditch effort to salvage the band.

Live shows

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A Samhain show was an energetic and unpredictable event. Sometimes Danzig could be seen donning a bizarre demon-shaped leather S&M mask and covered in mock blood. Occasionally, he would leap from the stage to physically attack fans who had spit on or made obscene gestures towards him. Amazingly, he has never been involved in a lawsuit for assault.

Name change

In 1986, Samhain was signed by Rick Rubin to his Def Jam label. In 1987, Glenn decided to change the name of the band to Danzig. Rick Rubin at first wished only to sign Glenn with the promise of helping him assemble an all star lineup, however, Glenn refused to agree to the deal unless Samhain bassist Eerie Von could remain in the group. Rick Rubin and Glenn thought the band's sound should be taken in a different direction, and so Samhain guitarist Damien was replaced by John Christ, while drummer London May was replaced by Chuck Biscuits, completing the first Danzig lineup.

Late album

In 1990, Samhain's final album, Final Descent, was released. It was worked on from 1986 up until 1990, with one song ("Death...In Its Arms") recorded by the full band Danzig during the sessions for Danzig II: Lucifuge. On all other tracks, a drum machine was used. Its sound and songwriting bridges the gap between 1986's November Coming Fire and 1988's Danzig. In its first pressings, Final Descent also featured new remixed versions of the then out-of-print Unholy Passion EP. Possibly to avoid potential legal disputes with former guitarist Damien, Danzig had overdubbed/re-recorded all of the original guitar tracks with John Christ's. He also created a new track, a remix of the bass and vocal tracks from "I Am Misery", entitled "Misery Tomb".

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When the Samhain Box Set was released in 2000, these remixes were given a CD of their own, taking the place of the Unholy Passion EP, while Final Descent was filled out with four unreleased tracks, all featuring London May on drums. Among these were earlier, more abrasive arrangements of what had become known as the Danzig classics "Twist of Cain" and "Possession", a cover of Elvis Presley's "Trouble" (which Danzig also later covered), and a faster version of "Lords of the Left Hand".


Samhain briefly reunited in 1999 to celebrate the release of the Box Set. They went on one national tour with the band Danzig headlining. The lineup consisted of Danzig, Zing, May, and then Danzig guitarist Todd Youth. Damien was initially asked to play guitar, but couldn't due to already being on tour with Iggy Pop. Founding member Eerie Von was not asked to participate due to him libeling Danzig in several periodicals and over the internet. Danzig has since stated that the band will not tour again.


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Samhain - Initium (1984)

01 & 02 - Initium & Samhain
03 - Black Dream
04 - All Murder All Guts All Fun
05 - Macabre
06 - He Who Can Not Be Named
07 - Horror Biz
08 - The Shift
09 - The Howl
10 - Archangel

ed2k Link : Samhain - Initium -1984.rar
Direct download : Samhain_-_Initium_-1984.rarl

Samhain - The Courier (demo 1985)

01.-Plague of Messiah
02.-Prince of Evil

Direct Download : Samhain - The Courier (demo)

IPB Image
Samhain - Unholy Passion (1985)

01 - Unholy Passion
02 - All Hell
03 - Moribund
04 - The Hungry End
05 - Misery Tomb
06 - I am Misery

ed2k Link : Samhain - Final Descent + Unholy Passion -1990 &
ed2k Link : Samhain - Unholy Passion (EP) -1985.rar
Direct download :

Imagen IPB
Samhain - November Coming Fire (1986)

01 - Diabolos '88
02 - In My Grip
03 - Mother of Mercy
04 - To Walk the Night
05 - Birthright
06 - Let the Day Begin
07 - Halloween II
08 - Novembers Fire
09 - Kiss of Steel
10 - Unbridled
11 - Human Pony Girl

ed2k Link : Samhain - Samhain III - November-Coming-Fire.rar
Direct download : Samhain_-_November_Coming_Fire_-1986.rar

Imagen IPB
Samhain - Final Descent (1990)

01 - Night Chill
02 - Descent
03 - Death... In its arms
04 - Lords of the Left Hand
05 - The Birthing
06 - Twist of Cain
07 - Lords of the Left Hand (2nd Version)
08 - Trouble
09 - Possession

ed2k Link : Samhain - Final Descent + Unholy Passion -1990 &
Direct download :
Samhain - Live '85 '86 (2002)

01 - All Hell
02 - Samhain
03 - The Shift
04 - The Howl
05 - Unholy Passion
06 - All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
07 - I Am Misery
08 - The Hungry End
09 - Horror Biz
10 - He Who Cannot Be Named
11 - Black Dream
12 - Death Comes Ripping
13 - Mother of Mercy
14 - To Walk the Night
15 - Halloween II
16 - In My Grip
17 - London Dungeon
18 - Archangel

Direct download : Samhain_-_Live__85__86.rar

Samhain - Last Gasp Live And Demos 85-86 (EP) (1986)

1_Bloodfeast (live) (198510 USA OH Cincinatti Jockey Club)
2_To Walk The Night (live) (198604 USA IL Chicago The Metro)
3_Lords Of The Left Hand (demo) (recorded 198609)
4_November's Fire (alternative album version) (recorded 198508)

ed2k Link : Samhain - Last Gasp - Live & Demos 85-86 (7-Inch).zip
Direct Download :
Samhain - Black Dream -1985/1996

Lords Of The Left Hand
Novembers Fire
All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
The Shift
The Howl
Die Die My Darling
Unholy Passion
Black Dream
Unholy Passion
All Hell
The Hungry End
I Am Misery
Band Interview
Black Dream
Band Interview (continued)

18 Tracks of Live, Studio and Original mixes
of Samhain songs plus an interview with
Glenn and Steve. Live songs are from 2/5/85

ed2k Link : Samhain - Black Dream
Direct Download :
Samhain - Live at the Jockey Club -1984

01.- All hell breaks loose
02.- Samhain
03.- All muder, all guts, all fun
04.- Macabre
05.- Black dream
06.- Die, die my darling
07.- The shift
08.- Moribund
09.- Halloween II
10.- Horror business
11.- Who killed Marilyn?
12.- He who cannot be named

Direct Download : Samhain - Live at the Jockey Club

Two different sources of this show exist.
One is a complete soundboard recording and
the other (This File) is a lesser quality recording from
the audience that does not include the last two songs:
(I Am Misery | The Hungry End).
Samhain - On Earth As It Is In Hell (7 inch) (1989)

A1-The Hungry End-
A2-I Am Misery-
B1-He Who Cannot Be Named-

Bootleg compilation from several different concert recordings.

ed2k Link : Samhain - On Earth As It Is In Hell (Bootleg 7-Inch).zip

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