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The Black Rose Phantoms

#Long Beach, USA#

Genre: Psychobilly

Band Members : OZZY SCUMRAT - Lead Singer/Upright Bass, GRIM VALDIMOR PHANTOM - Guitarist/Backing Vocals, CROW MAGNUM - Lead Guitarist/Backing Vocals, JOHNNY HEARTACHE - Drums/Backing Vocals
From the very beginning Long Beach’s own Black Rose Phantoms decided that their musical direction would be one never taken before. Fusing traditional psychobilly with aspects of punk, hardcore, metal, and other genres that the group grew up on, they developed a style that was distinct and impossible to forget. Formed from the ashes of a band known as The Hard Luck Halos, a solemn guitarist known as Grim Phantom decided to wander away from the past in search of a union that would truly define his interpretation of Rock N' Roll. Feeling the need to travel a different direction than what was accustomed at the time, he sought the knowledge and skill of a standup bass player that pushed the edge of modern psychobilly. Ozzy Six became the second Phantom
As the cold autumn of 2002 came about, the union was almost complete. Employing the former vocalist of The Hard Luck Halos. Soon after out of the demise of the punk/deathrock band known as H.U.R.T., Scraps was the one chosen to bring the nocturnal pulse to the Phantoms. At the peak of what they thought was a solid start, they lost their front man due to personal afflictions that compromised the direction of the band. Ozzy Six decided to take on the added responsibility of vocals despite the hardships and lost of the front man.
With only Eight months into their journey, without an official release under their belts, they hit the road in 2003 on a Full West Coast tour to open for Hellcat Record’s own Nekromantix. Feeling at their strongest and most productive, they felt that the only thing that was missing was a lead guitar that would truly complete the sound that they were trying to obtain. For this task Crow Phantom was the final addition to the band.
Creating a solid name for themselves, they spent the next few years acquiring a steadily growing fan base easily recognized for its unique diversity.
Following the release of their second self produced demo, “Far From Heaven�, they quickly found themselves sharing the stage with such bands as Pistol Grip, Love Equals Death, The Briggs, Take the Crown, Left Alone, and Mad Sin.
As 2006 reared its head, The Black Rose Phantoms once again hit the road on another Full West Coast tour, performing in such legendary clubs as Slim’s in San Francisco, The Venue in Salt Lake City, The Premier in Seattle, and many others, this time in support of American Psychobilly legends, Tiger Army.
Soon after 2007 fallowed so did the phantoms first full length album “ Beyond The Wall Of Sleep� put out on Smelvis Records. In promoting of this album The Black Rose Phantoms were then invited to hit the road once again this time in support of Hellcat punks Left Alone. Shortly after the phantoms first release Scraps Phantom decided to depart to pursuit other interest. Within a couple of weeks of searching a close friend and former bassist of The Switch Up’s Jesus Hell offered his talent on drums. The phantoms then spent the next six month touring and preparing for the next album but due to differences between the band and Jesus Hell, The Phantoms sought out a different talent and sound that would take them to the next level in which Johnny Heartache from Heartache and Bloodloss was chosen to take the spot of drums.
With 2008 being a new year of infinite possibilities, and with no signs of slowing down, the Phantoms’ plan to spread their cacophony of sound to a broader audience.
The Black Rose Phantoms - Beyond The Wall Of Sleep -2007 [mp3 320kbps]
01 - A Mass For The Dead
02 - With Hell Behind The Cutthroats
03 - Evil Never Dies
04 - We'll Meet Again
05 - Night Of The Reanimator
06 - The Saddest Day
07 - Dead Alive
08 - Two Days Ago
09 - Remember Me
10 - Two Graves Deep
11 - Our Last Sunrise
12 - The Witching Hour
13 - It Was Written
14 - Heart Above Flames
15 - Revelations
The Black Rose Phantoms - Love You More Dead (EP) -2008 [mp3 320kbps]
01 - Love You More Dead
02 - Dead Man Walking (Tabaltix Cover)
03 - Maxwell Murder (Rancid Cover)
04 - Sacrifice Theory (AFI Cover)
The Black Rose Phantoms are back with this 'Love You More Dead" E.P. 3 Cover songs Maxwell Murder by Rancid, Sacrifice Theory by AFI and Dead Man Walking by The Tabaltix) plus 1 original the title track Love You More Dead. This is a fun E.P. that will hold you over until their next album release.

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muchas gracias!!