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Carlos And The Bandidos - The Usual Bandidos


#London And South East - UK#

Genre: Rockabilly
"Five Idiots In Sombreos"

Band Members : CARLOS MEJUTO – (Vcls), PAUL MAITLAND (Harmony Vcls & Rhythm Guitar), MALCOLM CHAPMAN (Lead Gtr), NEIL SCOTT (Double Bass), ROGER VAN NIEKIRK (Drums)
Influences : Each band member brings with him his own musical influences, but on the whole, the band originally were influenced by Big Sandy & the Fly-Rite Trio. But they've been influenced by artists as diverse as Chris Isaak, High Noon, Don Cavalli, Trini Lopez, Cliff Richard & the Shadows, Tom Waites, Ronnie Dawson and Alison Krauss.

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Album: The Usual Bandidos
Year: 2002
Quality: mp3 - 160
Covers: Yes
01 - Good For Nuthin'
02 - I'm Gonna Get You
03 - Find Somebody New
04 - That's The Way I Feel
05 - Poor Man's Purse
06 - Turn Away From Me
07 - Tall Tall Trees
08 - Jockey Full Of Bourbon
09 - Cry , Cry , Cry
10 - Hangin' Round
11 - No Escape
12 - Poor Boy
13 - Who Walks In -  - The Usual Bandidos
14 - My Heart
15 - Down In Mexico
Carlos Mejuto & Malcolm Chapman formed Carlos & the Bandidos in the
summer of 1995. Carlos had stopped gigging with the band Jello Sal and Carlos & the Playboys were not getting any bookings (because the Playboys were pretty busy) and was looking for another band to play alongside. He met up with Malcolm who was at the tail end of playing with the Jive Aces and fresh off of a tour playing with Big Sandy & the Fly Rite Trio. It took two years of constant nagging to get malcolm to finally get something together. Malcolm wrote "You're A Cheater" and went to Boz Boorer's house to record the vocals over the track. After nailing the song in one take, malcolm started writing songs in earnest and began looking for band members.

They soon corralled their friends into joining (Neil Scott on bass,
Ricky Cooper on rhythm Gtr & backing vocals and Roger Van
Niekirk on drums) and quickly began sorting out what songs they wanted
to cover. By then, Malcolm had written "The Gallows" and Carlos had
kicked in with "Kiss You Goodnight" Armed with these two songs, they
headed to Aldershot and cut these two tracks for Big Boy Bloater & Jerry Lunn's "Plan Nine From Bloats Place LP" (Now long deleted). A few months later, the whole band headed back to Aldershot to start laying down tracks for an LP, but all these remain unissued.

All the tracks recorded at Bloats Studio was re-recorded at the famed
Toe Rag Studios in London and released on the bands own "Mangled Cat" label.
"Kiss You Goodnight" was released to a fair amount of critical acclaim,
despite some people not liking the cover. This LP is also deleted, (but there are a few copies available on the website while stocks last!!!! ). All the
tracks recorded at Toe Rags was issued onto the LP, except "Call Of The
Wild" (Unissued) and "Goodbye Little Star", which was released on the
International Rockabilly CD, along with "Devilene".

Their first gig was at the Northolt Social Club, Northolt, Middx, which
was run by Boogie Dell (Richardson). Neil couldn't make the gig as he
was away in the US, so his place was taken by Graham Grant (Capt.
Drugbuster & Demented Are Go). Ricky Cooper also couldn't make the gig
and Mick Cocksedge (One Track Mind) replaced him. Without a proper
rehearsal the band launched into their mixed set of obscure covers and
some self-penned songs with mixed results! (At one point the band stopped halfway though the worse version of the Gallows anybody could possibly imagine and started again) After this, the main line-up has been present for the most part over the last 7 years. (Luckily with a little more rehearsal, they managed to play the Gallows all the way through; all at the right speed; all in the right key and all at the same time. Practice does indeed make perfect).

Fist gig abroad (which was also their 2nd gig!) was at the Road To
Paradise in Den Haag, Holland. By this time, the band had a whole set
worked out with the majority of the tracks coming from their forthcoming LP ("Kiss You Goodnight"). Their 4th gig was at the Cruise Inn in Amsterdam, where they first dressed up in Mexican gear, something they have done virtually ever since.

Following the LP, the band headed for the House of Boz studio (owned by the famed Boz Boorer) and over two sessions put together enough tracks for a new CD, released in conjunction with No Hit Records."For A Few Dollars Less" was issued at VLV 1999 and sold 174 copies over this weekend alone, (The other huge sellers were Jack Baymoore (108 copies) and Janis Martin (125 copies - although to be fair the record stall ran out of Janis Martin CD's by Sunday evening). Not bad when you consider the band didn?t play at the weekender until Sunday evening! In UK & Europe the CD flew out of "Sounds That Swing" record shop at an alarming rate and was a repeat order all through 1999 and 2000. The favourite dance tracks were "Devilene" (written by Ricky Cooper) and "Fever", a fast version of the classic song.

The CD also included many of the "Kiss You Goodnight" LP tracks and it
also included the first ever track Carlos Sang on with Malcolm at Boz's
house ("You're A Cheater"). Two other tracks not issued on the CD ("Hey
Miss Fannie" & "Spark Plug") were issued on Cat'n Around, a various
artist comp issued by Pink & Black Records. A version of "Alabama Jailhouse" remains unissued and deservedly so after Malcolm's numerous aborted attempts at playing the solo and giving up in disgust. It was spot on at rehearsals!!).
In the seven years the band has been together they have played in Holland, Scandanavia, Spain, Austria & Germany and the famed Gold Coast Hotel in Las Vegas, USA (Viva Las Vegas 99 & VLV 2001), they've traveled extensively in the UK from Brixham to Doncaster, Rotherham to Norwich (and many places in-between). They have appeared at various weekenders including Cleethorpes & Hemsby. They've appeared on National UK TV (The Warehouse - Carlton TV - playing "Fever") and Dutch TV . (The TV show is another classic where, when the cameras started rolling, Carlos missed an entire verse out and the band had to start all over again). The band also managed to get an ep issued by Goofin Records, one of the premier rockin' labels in Europe.
At the Viva Las Vegas 2001 weekender, Carlos & the boys unleashed their follow-up CD ....... "A Fistfull Of Carlos" .....recorded at the Sweet Georgia Browns Studio in North London, owned by Ryan Sim & Mick Wigfall. The boys toured the West Coast of the US in 2001, thanks to Reb Kennedy of Wild Promotions and played at VLV 2001. It was at VLV 2001 that the band received SEVEN encores for their Thursday night slot. The CD also sold almost 250 copies by the weekend. Sadly during the tour, Carlos had to return home due to a death in the family and the rest of the tour was cancelled. After a short break the band resumed gigging, starting with a weekender in Callela, Barcelona, Spain. By this time, Andrew Shovelar replaced Ricky Cooper on rhythm guitar. Since then, they've gigged in Switzerland, Finland and Austria, winning new fans with each performance.

On January 18th & 19th 2003, the band headed back to Sweet Georgia Browns studio to cut tracks for the new forthcoming Carlos CD which was issued by Andy Widder's Part label from Germany. Entitled "the Usual bandidos", the CD was packed full of their usual frantic self-penned songs and a few obscure cover versions of songs by George Jones, the Coasters and Mac Curtis to name a few, and was released in time for their appearance on VLV 2003.In early 2004, Andrew Shovler left the band to concentrate on his job and his own band "The Folsom Four" . He was replaced by Paul 'Monkey' Maitland,who played the part of Gene Vincent in the touring play "Race With The Devil" as well as fronting the (rejuvinated )80's Rockabilly combo "The Blue Cats" (with Carlo & Steff Edwards). The band also appeared in Germany on a few occasions and played the Rockabilly Rave in 2004. This November they head off to Helsinki to play for Goofin Records.

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