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Horror Story-Bride Of The Monster

HORROR STORY #New Plymouth, Taranaki -New Zealand#

Genre: Horrorpunk

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Band Members:
Dr D.W Hell (vocals)
Von Toxic (guitar, backing vocals)
Undead Semp (bass)
Craig Psycho (drums)

Influences Misfits, Ramones,Elvis, Damned, Danzig, Undead,Cramps, Motorhead, Graves, Meteors, Tiger Army, Nekromantix, Toxic Avengers, Horror Movies, Horror Comics, Horror Books, Horror Art and anything else do to with Horror...
Sounds Like A Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein Monster

In Jan 2000 AD members of New Zealand Punk/Metal bands Nefarious, Valhalla Crossroads, 1080 and Horror Business stitched together their ultimate Rock n Roll Monster! They called it Horror Story. Instantly becoming New Zealands premier Horror Punk band!

On Halloween that year the band recorded a 17 song Demo called 'Monsterpiece' which was released in 2001 by the bands Demon Nation label. A limited edition of 1000 copies were snapped up by horror-hungry fiends! The albums warewolf sing-along '13 Moons' also featured on Auckland label Puppykiller Records - 'Pick of the Litter' Compilation album.

For Halloween 2002 the band (Complete with new Rhythm section) Recorded 10 new songs and re-recorded 10 songs from 'Monsterpiece' Combined with a video for 'Tombstone' (made in a local graveyard) and a full colour portrait of the band on its cover 'Graverobbers From Outer Space' was released on Halloween 2003 by Demon Nation.

During this time the face-painted fiends infiltrated NZ televisions Space and XSTV including both programs 'best of 2003' shows! The 'Tombstone' music video has been aired on C4 numerous times.

In Jan 2004 the band was asked to record a Misfits cover for the new Misfits tribute album being released by American Horror Punk label Crypt of Blood Records. As a result a cover version of 'Braineaters' will be the bonus track on the 2nd pressing of 'Too Much Horror Business: 1977-1983' and 'Graverobbers From Outer Space' was picked up for distribution in the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico thru Crypt of Blood Records.

In between constant live shows the band recorded 6 new songs before Drummer Craig Plague left in Feb 04. Nekrotika drummer Craig Psycho stepped in, recording Demos with the band the same day that Plague left!

Halloween 2004 sees the release of 'Rock n Roll Frankenstein' featuring the songs recorded in Feb, and bonus tracks taken from 'Monsterpiece'. A video for 'Devil Girl From Mars' has been made, and work is currently being made on a new album 'Bride of the Monster', 18 songs of pure Horror Punk with Craig Psychos drumming re-affirming the bands Psychobilly influenced Punk Rock sound!

The Band are working on more videos for a DVD release. There are also plans to remaster 'Graverobbers' album on Crypt of Blood. Horror Story have appeared in Sept 04 issue of (Australian) KERRANG! magazine and in Issue #7 of American Vampirella magazine- avaliabel World-wide! The band also feature on Puppykiller Records 'Pick of the Litter Vol 2' Compilation CD with the 'Graverobbers...' track 'Mr. Monster'.

Horror Story are part of the world-wide Horror Rock directory and have recently started Demon Nation sub-label Coffin Club which will be used to distrobute other bands from the World Horror Network and other Horror Punk bands. Horror Story have also been picked up by Germanys Fiendforce Records for Distrobution in Europe.

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Horror Story - Bride Of The Monster -2005

01 Prelude_ The Wolf
02 Return Of The Living Dead
03 I Wanna Eat Your Brains
04 Stitched Up Baby Doll
05 Dellamort Dellamor
06 Full Moon At Midnight
07 Grave Robbers
08 Saucers Over San Francisco
09 Horror Time
10 Planet 13, Zombie Queen _ Undead
11 It Came From Outer Space
12 Corpse Flower
13 The Slasher
14 Transmorgrification
15 Dark End
16 Psycho A Go Go

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