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Thee Merry Widows-Revenge Served Cold

THEE MERRY WIDOWS #Oakland - California#

Genre: Horrorpunk/Psycho

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"In our sights now, soon you'll be gone."

Band Members Eva Von Slut - vocals and theremin; Andrea - drums; (Our OG bassist - Nikki Nightbreed we love U!) Jennaferocious - upright bass; Mistress Mandy - rhythm guitar; Nishone - Lead Guitar
Influences Demented Are Go, Mad Sin, The Runaways, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, XMal Deutschland, The Queen Bs, Bea Pickles, the Misfits

Like a living,, breathing Russ Meyer movie brought to life, Thee Merry Widows are a sight and sound to behold! Combining elements of traditional psychobilly with their love of horrorpunk, surf, and garage, Thee Merry Widows are Ameriica's first all female psychobilly band!!!
Check out the cover version From demented Are Go's : Holy Hack Jack

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Thee Merry Widows - Revenge Served Cold

1 AileenClick to listen to this song
2 The Curse
3 Cruel Mistress
4 Revenge
5 All Of Them Witches
6 Black Widow
7 Deadly Kiss
8 Girl Assassins
9 Grave Robbers (From Outer Space)
10 Holy Hack Jack
11 Talk Shit, Spit Blood

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Thee Merry Widows - Revenge Served Cold -2006.rar
Direct Download :

I know some of you have been wondering who that voluptuous blonde in Avenged Sevenfold's "Bat Country" video was, well I'm here to tell ya that and alot more. The blonde bombshell in the vid was none other than Miss Eva Von Slut of the all girl Psychobilly band, Thee Merry Widows! Since some of you may have missed out on the band already, I'll back track for you. In '04, the Widows released a four song EP which was met with rave reviews, including my own. Throughout the band's short existence they've toured and shared the stage with The Misfits, Demented Are Go, The Nekromantix and The Hellbillys. I gotta tell you, everything about this band is captivating; the tunes are strong and the ladies are adorable, what more could you ask for? Oh, I know: a kickass full length to follow up the EP. Fear not fiends, these sultry vixens have made their return with their latest, entitled Revenge Served Cold.

If you, in any shape form or fashion enjoyed the band's previous work, you will no doubt love "Revenge". Before we get too deep into the tracks, let's talk about the production, mix and mastering of the disc. The disc was produced/mixed by Tim Ryan at Seventh Circle Studios in California. Justin Weis, handled the mastering at Trakworx also in California. I don't know too much about their previous work, but these guys do an excellent job in helping the widows get their message across with style. Getting into the music on this disc, there are eleven tracks all very worthy of praise and worship. If one could call it unfortunate, not all of the tracks are brand new; "The Curse", "Cruel Mistress", "Girl Assassins" and "Graverobbers" originally appeared on the band's previous EP. However, they sound like they've been remixed/mastered or they just stack up really nicely next to the new tunes. I'm not sure if it was done on purpose or not, but the majority of this new album comes off a little on the Ghoultown side of the spectrum; Tex-Mex, Spaghetti-Western styled vibes rage on like a Cowboy/Indian war. Personally, I hear and see the most if it on the lead in track, "Aileen". Miss Slut's croons are chrome plated and primed to charm the pants off ya! Not to mention the guitar riffs/twangin' that runs the gauntlet of this track are straight of Texas. The namesake of the disc "Revenge" has nice swing riff thing going on that works quite well with Slut's thick as leather vocal style. Lyrically, I think any woman would definitely latch onto this tune quick fast and in a hurry. Vocally, Slut has evolved a good bit since we've last heard her, she was never bad by any means, but the sing-along quality that she possesses on "All Of Them Witches", "Black Widow" and my personal favorite, "Deadly Kiss" is simply smashing as is the band's technical prowess.

Each of the Widows has grown so much musically since the previous EP, it's mindblowing! And not to talk smack, this ain't no Horropops, this is real deal Psychobilly with a distinct taste like that of a Bull Durham or a shot of good ole Corn Liquor. It's also not a slapbass fest, but who said you needed that anyway? Sometimes too much of the bass slappin' gets in the way of certain things, like spectacular guitar riffs/hooks and rich harmony lines. All of which, The Widows maintain throughout this disc. Without a doubt Revenge Served Cold is the best Psychobilly release this year! Only Ghoultown or Tiger Army could match up to this masterpiece.
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