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VLADIMIRS #Cincinnati, Ohio -USA#

Genre: Horrorpunk
"the Cincinnati horrorshow"

Band Members : Doug Nevels - Bass, Marquis Thomas - Vox/Guitar, Brian Day - Guitar Vox, Ash Thomas- Drums
Influencies : Blood And Guts Records, Alice Cooper, Nick Cave, Roky Erickson, Carnivore, Misfits, The Undead, Type O Negative, Goth, Punk, Metal, Rock, Glam, Oi, Folk, 70's Rock, Stoner Rock, Johnny Cash, way too many to list........
Sounds Like : Everything you like mixed with TSOL, Carnivore, Mourning Noise, Danzig, The Damned, Samhain, and that song you always hear in your nightmares.

Vladimirs formed in 1995 as a side project by members of- Bad Samaritans (Brian Day), Thorns OF The Carrion (Marquis Thomas), Estuary (Ash Thomas), The Blame (Doug Nevels). The four decided to get together to do some music that was more loose with a 'campy-horror-movie' and 'classic 50's sci-fi' feel lyrically. The first s/t cd 'Vladimirs' was released in January of 1995 and is regarded by many as the '2nd Wave' of horror punk. With elements of punk, metal, goth, and rock the Vladimirs drew a large and diverse audience. Interest in the band from fans was so great that they knew this was bigger than just a side project. They took to the road and the name grew. The first cd is still out of print, highly sought after, and in some circles considered a classic. The Vladimirs went on to record 6 full length cd's and MANY appearances on compilations, tributes, 7"s, Lp's, movie soundtracks, and one-off rarities. The release of the newest 'Serpent Girl & Songs To Shed The Skin' cd on Blood And Guts Records marks the Vlads return to their roots. With catchy sing-along choruses and lyrics dark, sometimes humorous, and sometimes disturbing 'Serpent Girl' will prove itself to be a classic. Many bands exist in this genre but the Vladimirs are more diverse in their musical styles (drawing from many influences, not just punk) and they don't just write a song describing a horror movie that they have seen. They invade the mind of the listener or invite the listener to invade the mind of the band to experience the true horror that lies beneath the surface...the horror that is everywhere !!!

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Vladimirs - Night Gallery -1998

1 Gone Sick
2 In The Arms Of Misery
3 Doomsdays Eve
4 House Of Endings
5 The Guff / Autumn Soul
6 This Pain
7 Desensitized
8 Family
9 Angel In Black
10 Give Me Dead Love
11 When Everything Ends
12 Bloody Mess
13 Deadman's Highway
14 Silent Watcher
Direct Download :

Released in January or February ‘98. Lots of time spent in the studio to capture the dark feel of this Cd. More of the trademark hard, fast, horror punk. But an overall feeling of more despair and mental anguish. A great one to listen to in the dark. Notice Marquis is sick with a throat cold, and it shows on ‘Angel In Black’ . It works! Lots of time spent on the artwork by Christcrank. Notice all 3 faces on the front are Brian’s, just manipulated.

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Vladimirs - So Fine Concubine - 1997

1. So Fine Concubine
2. Evening of Desire
3. Dark Day
4. Bloody Mess
5. Alyssa is a Grave Robber
6. Ride to Live, Live to Ride
7. Never Too Late … (live)
8. When I Bleed (live)
9. Sheila is a Vampire (live)
10. My Black Van (live)
Direct Download :

The second release from the Vlads. Released in Fall of 1997. More touring and lots of new fans with this release. More fast horror punk with the exception of one experiment into "dark western"ala Johnny Cash on ‘Dark Day’. Features a cover version of the Undead’s ‘Evening Of Desire’ as well as Twisted Sister’s ‘Ride To Live,Live To Ride’ . Included live tracks from a show in Cincinnati.

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The Vladimirs - The Vladimirs* -1997

  1. Sheila is a Vampire
  2. the Only One
  3. Bloodsuckers
  4. Can’t Come Around Here No More
  5. Grave-Girl
  6. Transylvania Dream
  7. I Saw You at the Drive-in
  8. Suicide Ride
  9. Midnight Rendezvous
  10. On This Side of Town
  11. My Black Van
  12. Never Too Late
  13. When I Bleed
  14. Who’s Next in Line
  15. Black Lipstick Smile
Direct Download :

Released in Spring 1997. The first appearance of the Vladimirs on any recorded format. The Vlads add their touch to horror-punk with a hint of metal. This now out of print Cd was released by the band and sold out quickly.

The band toured for this Cd with great response.

* thx to naiva_777

Youtube : Here’s a clip from the Vlad’s first show

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