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Columbian Neckties

COLUMBIAN NECKTIES #Aalborg, AaB land, Denmark#

Genre: Punk'n'Roll

Band Members : Mr. J. Escobar - VOX // Mr. H. Overdrive - RockGUITAR // Mr. T.B - Thrillingly cooool BASS // Drums, always a surprise Mr. Torben Brian Tulle Jørgensen on sound
Influences : The Dirtys, New Bomb Turks, The Real Kids, Hellacopters...
Sounds Like : Rock´n´roll

Columbian Neckties are no longer playing shows. We have one more 10 inc coming out this spring or summer (2008) Then you can look for former members in Bands like Timewasters, Franktown, Dustbugs, and Real Surrealers. Don´t expect the same sound, but always expect a true rock´n´roll feeling. Columbian neckties history goes like this: In 1999 Shake Appeal broke up and so Guitarist Henrik and Bass player Simon joined forces with new singer Jeppe Escobar and drummer Slambert (aka Slamboy). The music changed to a more RocknRoll inspired punk rock. Not as fast and furious as Shake Appeal but more swinging in a Saints, Fun Things, Infections kinda way...only faster! One of the first gigs was at the Adios Moshable Festival in Copenhagen where we opened day 2 at Loppen. This concert was recorded by the Danish National Radio and a couple of months later the whole gig was broadcasted in the radio. Wow. After doing a lot of support jobs the band decided to do some recordings for record purposes. In January 2000 they recorded the first demo: 9 songs on an analogue 4-track tape recorder to ensure the right 77 feel. The tape was put on CDR and sent around. Tony Slug reviewed it in Hit List magazine: "somebody release this!" and somebody did! High School Reject from Holland decided to release a 10" and it turned into the 6-track lo-fi punk rock blast Scene of the Crime. The record got great reviews almost everywhere and even the most jaded man in punk rock Tim Warren was impressed: GOD DAMN does this record smokeass! Ex-Shake Appeal members blastin out 6 extremely hot & raw & loud punkersIf you dug the Dirtys alb you are gonna dig this. The following year the band toured around Europe, both on their own and one tour with Dutch punk rock out-fit the Hot Pockets. In Kassel they met Gregor and a deal for a full length album was made right after the show there. In 2001 their first album Abrance! (Colombian for Get outta my way!) was released on Sounds of Subterrania and more touring and more good reviews followed. During the late fall of 2002 Sounds of Subterrania put out the second album Why Change Your Moves? More of the same balls out high-speed punk rock and a cover of AC/DCs Riff Raff. Slambert and Simon decided to leave the band in 2003 but that hasnt changed much. Henrik and Jeppe quickly found a new bass player and drummer and they havent looked back. More new songs, more kicking ass and more touring is coming up. Gigs in Sweden and Germany have been played and others are on the way. Early 2004 saw the release of the compilation CD Greaseball Melodrama. Compiled by none other that New Bomb Turks singer Eric Davison and put out by Gearhead. The third album called Takeaway was released on Sounds of Subterrania in 2005. Tours in Germany/Holland/Belgium/Spain and Schwietzerland have been done. We believe Alien Snatch Records made a good description of the band when they wrote: Yesterday the COLUMBIAN NECKTIES played and I can say that they are one of most rockin´ bands I ever saw on stage. I´m happy, cause now I can laugh about all those dozens of tough guy cock-rock Electric Gluein´HellaBabySucker bands which are around since some years, I never cared about them too much. Loved the UPPER CRUST - that´s all! The ´Neckties are now. One not-of-this-earth guitar player, fast tunes, the smile, the inperfection and a good soundman. Thank you guys

Columbian Neckties - Takeaway
01- play with myself
02- she's the man
03- takeaway
04- techinque or titanic
05- call'n'responsible
06- get enough
07- really
08- boogie bitch
09- bysexual
10- loosin' weight
11- work is good


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