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The Farrell Bros. - Rumble @ The Opry

aka The Farrell Bros.
#Selkirk, Manitoba -Canada#

Genre: Neo-Rockabilly
"This is a Riot!, Riot!!"

Band Members : Gordie Farrell; Upright Bass & Vocals, Shawn Farrell; Guitar & Vocals, Nuke Norval; Drums & Backing Vocals.
Influences : Stray Cats, The Clash, Louvin Bros, The Viletones, Gene Vincent, Social Distortion, Handsome Ned, etc. etc. etc.

The Farrell Bros. rock like krazy! Frantic Rockabilly with a Country Twang, a Punk Rock attitude n’ shit-kickin’ sibling harmonies, it’s understandable why the Farrell’s have been described as ’The Everly Bros meet The Sex Pistols or Hank Williams at double speed’. With a live show that walks the fine line between sublime harmony and rampant acoustic assault, this powerful duo guarantees a lesson in the true essence of Rock n’ Roll. The Farrell Bros. started in Selkirk, Manitoba Canada in 1998 with Gordie n’ Shawn each playing guitar. After releasing their debut, ’The Ballad of Jackpine Slash’, they hooked up with a rhythm section for 2000’s ’Go To Hell’ EP. While the Bros sound is rooted in the traditional 50’s Rockabilly, they incorporate other musical elements and themes into their hybrid mix. With Gordie Farrell takin’ over the Dog-house bass duties, and Jeff Tetrault aka ’The Post-Atomic Hillbilly’, holdin’ down the drum kit. In spring of 2002 they found themselves back in the studio with new songs and the right line-up to lay down what would eventually be released in Canada as ’Rumble @ the Opry’ on the Teenage Rampage Records label, and worldwide as ’Curbstomp Boogie’ on Raucous Records. 2005 saw the Bros Canadian release of "This is a Riot!" on Stumble/Universal.

Album: Rumble @ The Opry
Year: 2003
Quality: mp3 - 192
Covers: No
01 rumble @ the opry
02 i walk a firey line
03 the baddest one around
04 breakin' outta of here
05 goodbye charlie
06 set this lone wolf free
07 anglel with a dirty face
08 hangin' on
09 curbstomp boogie
10 rockabilly rebel
11 some things never die
12 motorpsycho girl
13 where'd you learn this tune_
14 the wild kind
15 rumble @ the opry (endtro)
CLASSIC TWANG AND CONTEMPORARY ADRENALINE - Selkirk Rockabilly siblings Gordie and Shawn sport mile-high DAs and black Rebels leathers, but they're more than retro-rebels. Their new 14 track Rumble @ the Opry - a fiery fusion of classic twang and contemporary adrenaline - is all the proof you need. Sure, Gordie can slap that doghouse bass like Bill Black, Shawn can pull twangy licks out of his vintage gee-tar like Scotty Moore, and they both pitch in with vocals brimming with Eddie Cochran grit, hiccuping yelps and primal screams. But barn-burning originals like Angel with a Dirty Face and Curbstomp Boogie, coupled with their lickety - split delivery - closer to the punky Psychobilly of Rev. Horton Heat than the rural twang of Sun Studios - Darryl Sterdan/Winnipeg Sun
STYLUS MAGAZINE: RUMBLE @ THE OPRY - Release number three from everyone's favorite Selkirkian greasers is what these boys were aiming for from the get-go and they've blasted that pop bottle from here to Lockport, at least. Forgoing the mainstream roots rock high falootin' ness that they dabbled in on their debut, the 'Rumble' takes off where their Go to Hell EP left off, showcasing the fiery link from Rockabilly past to hardcore... uh, more recent past. Imagine if the Alvin brothers had been following around Black Flag and the Jesus Lizard instead of those old blues guys and you'll have a good idea of what's going on here. Ever since bro' Gordie recently shifted to duties on the stand-up bass, the Farrells have been in high gear in the clubs and this full length disc brings it home. Who needs the future when the past still kicks your ass this hard? -Stu Reid

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