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Screaming Banshee Aircrew - When All Is Said And Done

#London/Leicester/Cambridge/Leeds, UK#

Genre: Post-Punk/Horror Rock
"The Screaming Banshee Aircrew"

Band Members: MisteRed: Vocals,Clowning | Jo Violet: Vocals, Violin | Chris Banshee: Guitar, Bass | Tori Pink: Bass | Neal Unreal: Keys/Shynts | Tyna Williams: Drums
Influences: Jonathon Ross, Marc Bolan and other such stylistic attirement gurus. Bauhaus, Bowie, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Cramps, The Bolshoi, Psychedelic Furs, The March Violets, Siouxsie And The Banshees, IAMX, The Wonderstuff, The Cure, Chameleons, The Pixies, PWEI, Specimen, ASF, New Model Army, Horrorpops, Deathrock, Rockabilly, Post-Punk, Artrock, Retro Pop, TrashVogue
Sounds Like :TrashVogue Artrock with scissors, crayons and beer..

Here follows the obligatory third person hype ;p

"Since the Screaming Banshee Aircrew crash landed onto the alternative runway things have never been quite the same. With their volatile stage show and cutting raw-rock sound, the crew have always been a band that have excelled in delivering dance floor stompers, lip trembling sombre ballads and bone shaking crowd pleasers - all effervescently entwined with spectacular, energetic and superbly executed stage performance.
As TrashVogue pioneers of the profound and the ironic, the band are dedicated to delivering only the best in both the studio and the live show, using their own unique raw punky style. United with two commercially released albums and an impressive back catalogue of gigs and festivals, the crew are always in demand to join high profile European and State-side bands; such as the iconical March Violets, the Cruxshadows, The Last Dance, Clan of Xymox, not to mention supporting the Birthday Massacre on the UK leg of their tour.
Always flamboyant, always dazzling, the Aircrew continue to astound and astonish audiences of all ages and all tastes with their infectious energy. As a collective, SBA are shamelessly hard working and do it all with their tongues in their cheeks and their hair full of glitter, an attitude which never fails to sensually and visually enchant both spectator and listener. Forever fulfilling the NOW and challenging the future, SBA are a band that will never promise to go quietly."

Album: When All Is Said And Done
Year: 2007
Quality: mp3 - 320kbps
Covers: No
01 happy people
02 shallow
03 in flames
04 razorblades (his dreams)
05 never be
06 claety jack
07 peachy clean
08 cold caffeine
09 two step
10 rosalie
11 glorious
12 when all is said and done
13 - hidden track -
14 crazy cats
15 - hidden track -
"When All Is Said and Done" is the great new album from SBA. There has been a number of lineup changes. Original members MisteR Ed (vocals), Jo Violet (vocals and violin) and Xris Banshee (guitar) are now joined by Tori Pink on bass, Neal Unreal on keys and Donnie Blue on drums. This expanded lineup has leant their sound a rawer, punkier edge, complementing the flamboyant nature of their live shows. The new band made their debut performance to an eager crowd at the Beyond the Veil Festival in Leeds, and shows in Derby, London, Luton, Leicester and Blackpool will be following shortly. The Screaming Banshee Aircrew are now poised to take 2007 by storm...

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muchas gracias!!