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Plan 9 - 8 Hits From Hell

#Devil's Whorehouse, CALIFORNIA -USA#

Genre: Horrorpunk
"We Want Your Blood..."
Band Members : Scary-bass, MadMike Ghoul-drums , Wulfenstein-guitar, Baron Blood-vox
Influences : Danzig era Misfits.

Plan 9 was started in Oakland, CA in 1997 as a one shot, one time Misfits tribute band. The 1st show sold out in under an hour and in attendance to this historic show was none other than Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield of Metallica, as well as Jim Martin from Faith No More. All in attendance could not believe the mania that was unleashed that night. Years later Plan 9 have progressed into one of California's most popular bands playing for the likes of Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only (Jerry appears on the "8 Hits From Hell" CD as well). They have mutated from a "tribute band" to a legitimate, full fledged death rock band. Never has a tribute band garnered so much acclaim in such a short time, much less release a CD of killer originals. A Plan 9 show is like stepping back into the golden days of punk. You can now get their first full length CD "8 Hits from Hell" on Pure and Proud records Listen to the mp3's and you be the judge. The big news is that Plan 9 got signed to Nickel and Dime Records. The new CD is titled "Manmade Monster". We are happy to be releasing a new cd that we are sure will not dissapoint our fans as well as Misfits fans everywhere. So stay tuned fiends, we will be invading your town soon...


Album: 8 Hits From Hell
Year: 2004
Quality: mp3 - 192kbps
Covers: No
01 - War Of The Worlds
02 - Blood
03 - Devil's Advocate
04 - Day Of The Dead
05 - Archangel
06 - Manmade Monster
07 - Undead
08 - From Hell
8 Hits From Hell CD review from
In 1997 a few musicians got together to do a one time tribute to the Misfits in the form of a Rockabilly spoof. The gig was so well received and packed out that more shows were in demand. So a few more Bay Area shows were planned, by this time the Rockabilly angle had been dropped and the band had taken on its own persona. Plan 9 reproduces an original Misfits show complete with the Crimson Ghost lurking around and authentic Jerry Only/Doyle Von Frankenstein guitars. Hell, they even dress the part! I wouldn't call them much of a tribute act now, they do their own songs as well as covers. It definitely seems like a show you would wanna check out if you missed the original era of the 'Fits. Glenn Danzig himself has even been quoted saying "Plan 9 sounds better live than the Misfits ever did!" Wow that's gotta be tough to say. Plan 9 spent half of 2003 writing original material for their debut mini-album "8 Hits From Hell" on Pure and Proud Records. The cd is fabulous! It starts out with the crushing alien anthem "War Of The Worlds". If I didn't know any better I'd think this was the Misfits. It's just that good folks! It's balls to the wall Punk Rock! The vocals are strong, the rhythm section is tough as nails and the guitar riffs are unforgiving. Next up we have the spine tingling track entitled "Blood". This track is about those lovely Vamp girls that come out on cold nights to suck you dry! The two things that stand out the strongest on this track are the vocals and the drums. It's a nice mid-tempo'ed tune with unforgettable hooks and riffs. "Devil's Advocate" is another Horror Rockin' classic straight out of the bowels of B-Movie infamy. In "Day Of The Dead" we find yet another speed frenzied Punk classic. The guitar riffs in this tune make me wanna slamdance till my brain blows up! I also love the lyrics "Show The Gods Her Naked Flesh". One of the most surprising things I've found on this disc is the Samhain cover "Archangel"! In no way would I ever disrespect Samhain but I prefer this version over Samhain's. The production is alot better than the original, of course technology has alot to do with that. The music and the vocals are abit tighter and more understandable than the original version. "Manmade Monster" is a brilliant track with traces of Rocka/Psychobilly; a dedication to the greatest monster of them all FRANKENSTEIN! "Undead" is another splendid track with a mid-tempo rage that rips through your brain like a starving zombie. The guitar lead in this track is awesome as Hell! "From Hell" is faster than any of the aforementioned songs. The chorus is very addictive and once it's in your head, it's virtually impossible to get out. Now onto the biggest treat for all of you Misfits junkies.. "Hybrid Moments" Yes, Plan 9 does it! It's one of the greatest Misfits covers I've ever heard. Every aspect of the song sounds like the Misfits except the production. This song is worth the price of the cd alone. This has been one of the most surprising cd's I've received in a very long time. It's like getting a new Misfits cd from the original lineup. Although I am not crazy about tributes or tribute bands, I must admit Plan 9 is the best I've heard yet! So the next time you are tempted to buy a shitty tribute of the Misfits, do yourself (and Plan 9) a favor and buy this disc instead. You'll be very glad you did! I cannot say enough good things about this disc. Oh, one more thing, Scary Only is none other than the lead vokillist for the AMAZING Psychobilly band the Hellbillys, so you may be able to kill two birds with one stone if you're out and about at one of their shows.

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