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V A - Attack of the One-Man Bands


Genre: Rockabilly/Garage/Punk/Blue Grass
This Double-CD comp features a whopping 58 Bands from 18 States and different 12 Countries. Many tracks are unreleased songs or out-of-print rarities. Styles range from Rockabilly to Garage, Punk to Bluegrass... all tinted with various shades of eccentric genius. Many bands opt for the Lo-Fi approach, recording in one live take on a 4-track, while others offer fuller studio tracks. Nothing compares to the artistic purity and ingenuity of a One Man Band, whether it is engineering complex musical contraptions or clever set-ups, or just simply the ability to deliver songs with uncompromised personal character. All bands included here perform as One Man Bands on stage, and are currently active.

Bands Included:
Al Foul, Bloodshot Bill, Phillip Roebuck, Rollie Tussing, Lonesome Joseph, Slim Sandy, King Louie, “Haunted” George, Sachtrash, Fredovitch One Man Band, 1Man Banjo, Toothless George, Royer’s One Man Band, Dead Elvis & The One Man Grave, Mr. Bonz One Man Band, Chuck Violence, Dennis Hopper Choppers, Bram Riddlebarger & His Lonesome Band, Trainwreck Washington, Ghostwriter, Esmerelda Strange, J. Marinelli, Big One Man Band, Long Boy Larsen, Mississippi Grover, Twang Tango, The Slow Poisoner, Stringybark McDowell, BBQ, Jeffrey Novak, El Paso Hot Button, Skip Jensen & His Shakin’ Feet, Guitar Fucker, Reverend Beat-Man, John Schooley, The Fabulous Go-Go Boy from Alabama, King Automatic, Ottoboy the One Man Trash Band, Reverend J. Brennan's, The Feeling Of Love, Urban Junior, The Limbs, The Uncle Butcher, Junior Disorder, Sheriff Perkins, Scott H. Biram, Margaret Doll Rod, Almighty Do Me A Favor, Lone Bird, Pete Yorko, Johnny Lowebow, Reverend Deadeye, Rocket Craig, Mosquito Bandito, O Lendario Chucrobillyman, The Amazing Elephant Man, One Man Hand, Johnny Cancer"Four continents worth of OMB tracks guaran-fuckin’-teed to put the boogie in your brain, the shake in your ass, the wiggle in your walk, and knock loose the teeth in your head. This CD is the musical companion to Rock N Roll Purgatory #15, the “lost” OMB issue, and it is a doozy. If you’ve never heard a one man band act before, you’d be hard pressed to find a better introduction to the genre anywhere. The sheer volume—fifty-eight different acts playing one song each—is staggering. If you’ve been listening to this type of stuff since Hasil Adkins started doing the Hunch, you’ll be rolling around happy as a pig in shit to the wild and crazy versions of OMB mayhem contained on these discs."
–Josh Benke, Razorcake

Attack of the One-Man Bands
Artist...: Various Artists
Album....: Attack of the One Man Bands
Genre....: range from Rockabilly to Garage, Punk to Bluegrass...
Date.....: 2007
Label....: Rock Roll Purgatory

V A - Attack of the One-Man Bands -2007 (2CD's) [mp3-128kbps]
CD1(70.86 Mb)
01. I Know I'm Gonna Die Tonight (But I Don't Care) - Al Foul
02. Been Tellin' Lies - Bloodshot Bill
03. Jackass Blues - Phillip Roebuck
04. Milwaukee Blues - Rollie Tussing
05. If You Love Me - Lonesome Joseph
06. You Can't Fool Me [Live] - Slim Sandy
07. Walkin' and A-Steppin' in the Fire - King Louie
08. Howlin' - "Haunted" George
09. Stay out and Down - Sachtrash
10. Troublin' Time - Fredovitch One Man Band
11. Mole - 1Man Banjo
12. I Fuckin' Suck (In G Maj.) - Toothless George
13. Train on the Island - Royer's One Man Band
14. Long Gone, Dead and Done - Dead Elvis & The One Man Grave
15. Wild Party - Mr. Bonz One Man Band
16. Introducing Chuck Violence - Chuck Violence
17. Lust - Dennis Hopper Choppers
18. Rhythm & Soul - Bram Riddlebarger & His Lonesome Band
19. Walked All Night - Trainwreck Washington
20. Preacher's Daughter - Ghostwriters
21. Que Viva La Chava - Esmerelda Strange
22. Lying in State - J. Marinelli
23. Too Much Bad in My Blood (To Be Good) - Big One Man Band
24. When You're Far Away - Long Boy Larsen
25. I'm Buried Alive - Mississippi Grover
26. Drinking Every Night - Twang Tango
27. Purgatory Rock - Slow Poisoners
28. Kyleeee - Stringybark McDowell
Total playtime: ....................................(01:14:16)

CD2 (70.58 Mb)
01. Hang On - BBQ
02. Nothing to Do - Jeffrey Novak
03. Snake Boy Lives in the Mississippi - El Paso Hot Button
04. Abscond - Skip Jensen & His Shakin' Feet
05. Fuck Me I'm Poor - Guitar Fucker
06. Bloddy Fucking Cunt - Reverend Beat-Man & the Un-Believers
07. Rock N' Roll Party with the One Man Band - John Schooley
08. You Got to Love - Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama
09. I Don't Give a Fuck - King Automatic
10. Ride - Ottoboy The One Man Trash Band
11. Lord Told Me You Got Fat - Reverend J. Brennan
12. Revenge - Feeling Of Love
13. Music for the Asses - Urban Junior
14. Bad Anna - Limbs
15. No Judge, No Trial - Uncle Butcher
16. Angry Heart - Junior Disorder
17. Black Bowtie - Sheriff Perkins
18. Plow You Under - Scott H. Biram
19. Who's Gonna Rub Me? - Margaret Doll Rod
20. You're Wrong - Almighty Do Me A Favor
21. Business - Lone Bird
22. Like Me - Pete Yorko & The One Man Music Band
23. Little Darling - Johnny Lowebow
24. Hellfire Down - Reverend Deadeye
25. Alien Novelty Song - Rocket Craig
26. Laser Beams - Mosquito Bandito
27. Guitarra Missil - O Lendario Chucrobillyman
28. Can't Go Outside - Amazing Elephant Man
29. So Alone - One Hand Man
30. Do Your Own Thing - Johnny Cancer
Total playtime: ....................................(01:14:22)

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