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Psycho Charger

#New York, NY -USA#

Genre: Psychobilly/Ultra Horrific Rawkilbilly
"Horror Rawkillbilly!!!"

Band Members : Jimmy Psycho:Vox, Guitar, The Diabolical "Dr. K":Bass, Peter Pantless:Drums

Rue Morgue-
"Sinister vocal distortion over menacing guitar twang...whacky horror movie sound hot psychobilly fire with cold industrial steel and distorto surf punk...songs about truckers, murderers, zombies, and rednecks...unbridled, explosive boilermaker.

Alt Press-
"The Cramps meet White Zombie".

N.Y.C.'s Bloodiest band and the Bastard Sons of The King hisself, PSYCHO CHARGER, deliver an Ultra-Horrific death-march thru the rotting R'n'R graveyard that's been described as "Horror Rawkillbilly"!!! Digging up influences from psychobilly, industrial, punk, surf, and gothic, these N.Y.C. psycho-rockers provide a horror-influenced, mutant cross-bred psycho-industrial-rawk assault that kicks and flails like a pissed-off two-headed bastard child at a family reunion!!! This is truly evil heavy-twang hell rock from the righteous side of the Devil's trailer park!!!

Founded a few years back in the sin city section of N.Y.C., PSYCHO CHARGER quickly obtained a firm foothold in the NYC music scene by playing a regular string of live shows, most notably the "Grave Rockers" and "Gothabilly" showcases. With each show, the band witnessed show attendance increase due in equal parts to their unique mutant cross-bred sound and "Horror-themed" live shows consisting of "Skeleton Men", "Ghost Warrior", and "The Blood Feast Show"! Notoriety of the band increased when some shows resulted in visits by the NYPD and/or the NYFD Fire Marshall!!!

Shortly after their arrival, PSYCHO CHARGER hooked up with the NYC-based Skully Records for the release of their debut CD, which included 16 tracks. The CD was released in August 2001 and did very well for the band, earning it favorable reviews in numerous magazines, as well as air play on radio stations scattered across the country and abroad. As a result, PSYCHO CHARGER established a fan base that ranges from rockabilly hellcats to punk rockers to the gothic/industrial/techno types. Sadly, the events of 9/11 came about, causing the record label to leave NYC, and eventually shut down, leaving the band without label support, and the CD became unavailable.

Fast forward to 2004, where the band began working with the Denver-based Antidote Records label to release their second full-length CD titled
Horror Rawkillbilly!!!, which included thirteen all-new songs and found the band continuing on, and expanding on their unique sound. As it turns out, a string of internal troubles with the label eventually led to PSYCHO CHARGER and Antidote to part ways, and this CD also became unavailable.

Throughout these two label experiences, the band managed to retain all the rights and publishing to their music and released
Curse of the Psycho on their very own Rot 'N' Roll Army Records. Weighing in at a full 20 tracks in length, Curse contains songs from their first two CDs as well as one brand new one. The CD is currently available in a special "Limited edition" LP Style packaging that includes a "vinyl look" CD and jacket art by Unkle Pigors from Toxic Toons (Metallica, Murderdolls, Genitorterers). Curse of the Psycho has done very well for the band as it was named "Best Horror Rock CD of the Year" by Virus Magazine, and landed the band a feature in Rue Morgue Magazine and Drop Dead Magazine. Since it's release, Curse of the Psycho has sold thousands of copies worldwide via shows, online sales, downloads, and many hours of hard work from the band.

PSYCHO CHARGER is a very hard-working band, who have played over 100 shows a year since 2004. This string of live shows has led to some pretty interesting circumstances for the band ranging from the ill-fated impromptu gig on the rooftop of CBGBs, being denied access to Canada, and touring with a live goat in the van.
Psycho Charger - Curse Of The Psycho -2005 [mp3 320kbps]
01 Intro
02 Psycho Charger
03 Devilsnake
04 Graverobbers From Outer-Space
05 Redneck Zombies
06 Return Of The One Percenter
07 Channel 13 (With Unkle Pigors Of Toxic Toons)
08 Roadkill
09 Invasion Of The Ballsnatchers
10 Sugar Tit
11 Rawkillbilly Baby
12 Route 666
13 Bastard Son
14 Ghoulfriend
15 Scream, Blacula, Scream
16 Psycho Woman
17 Hunting For Elvis
18 Unforgiven
19 Ride
20 Welcome To Kreepsville

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